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Most skateboards made today comprise seven to nine layers of wood. The first step in wood working a skateboard deck is to buy some wood veneer from your local hardware store. This is a thin sheet of wood; the base for your skateboard. Itís best to cut each sheet into 30-inch by 10-inch rectangles.

To give the skateboard deck its flex, one must build a skateboard frame out of two-by-fours. Use a paint roller to evenly spread wood glue on each layer cut, layering all the pieces together. Then, place a carjack on top of the skateboard deck while in the skateboard frame. Turn the jack until the skateboard bends to desired flex and let it stand for 24 hours.

Afterward, use a jigsaw to cut the shape of the skateboard and smooth out the edges with a sander. Finally, paint the skateboard for style and place gripping on top of it for smooth and controlled riding.

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